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Chris Dilks is a part of a group of Content Producers who is writing in connection with election from early Tuesday morning through late Wednesday evening. Visit with AC through Wednesday night for up-to-the-minute election news and knowledge.

Illegal ballots. Illegal voting is a tough violation to capture with absentee ballots and internet voting and election day registration create it extremely not easy to catch. Persons get caught when they brag to reporters concerning illegal ballots. But between 2008 and 2012, 475 cases of voter fraud were sent to local DAs for criminal prosecution.

Twenty-five ambitious young women auditioned to put together a role a concern . dance team during a six-hour process Aug. 12. The final 17 dancers were cut down to the 13 chosen for that team the actual judges as well as a two-day online voting process by fans on Facebook.

At now the Hope Diamond is sold to Selim Habib, who tries to auction diamonds in Paris in 1909. The giant gemstone does not sell online voting application at auction but some days later is subsequently sold to Do.H. Rusenau. Rusenau resells the diamond to Pierre Cartier shortly afterward.

I want to say until this senate election was an anomaly, unfortunately Minnesota voters have significantly of commercial enterprise. Over the last little while we've watched one state after another suffer through post-election confusion and stress. Do I need to say Florida? Boston? Distrust in our voting system is really a serious problem, causing some to respond with the half-joking suggesting that maybe Jimmy Carter should stay at home and monitor elections within the own flowerbed.

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